Friday, 26 September 2008

Selvedge Magazine

Just a quick post to point out that Dr Bean's bags have a (tiny) mention in the lovely Selvedge magazine - the bible for all things textile-y. In case you can't find it, you need to look for page 15 - in an article about using alternatives to plastic bags, which is exactly where a Dr Bean's bag comes in.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Mudfest at Bestival

The 2008 Bestival was rather different from our previous experience. We tried to ignore the weather forecast, thinking that there must be a mistake - the Isle of Wight Bestival is always bathed in the glory of an indian summer. This year, however, the site (and everyone in it) was bathed in glorious mud. And there was an awful lot of it.
It's amazing what people put up with in the pursuit of a weekend of fun (we like to think that a cup of Dr Bean's coffee helped them through) and although many left early, there was a certain sense of achievement in remaining until the end. Monday, ironically, was a beautiful day.

We would  like to give a huge thank you to the guys on the tractor who towed us (and most of the other traders) out on Monday evening and to Rob, who rescued our trailer and fridge.
Overall, there wasn't a huge amount of support from the Bestival organisers.

It really feels like Autumn now that the Bestival is over, which is a bit harsh as we never really had a summer. Ho-hum, back to making bags.