Thursday, 25 June 2015

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Mid-summer Bags

It is hard to beat Steph's photos, from last year, of our Sailcloth / liberty fabric bags. Maybe it's time for another photo shoot. . .

We will put some of these in the shop, when we have a moment, please bear with us, it's a busy time of year.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Topside in June

The garden at Topside is at it's best in June, with everything coming into flower at the same time. We thought it would be a good setting for some flowery bags.

The deep blue rose-y Tana Lawn (called Carline, we think), is a favourite and looks great in the garden. The Tana Lawn / sail cloth bags are really good to use - practical, pretty AND reversible. 
(. . . It depends if you're in a sailing mood or a garden - visiting mood). We're working on some new labels and then we'll put some in the shop. As mentioned on our Facebook page, we are also putting together a 're-cycled' sail option, which will have a liberty lining too.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Open Farm Sunday

Dr Bean will be at the Living Larder Farm, Apse Heath, this Sunday 7th June. It's all happening. A top Island chef, Robert Thompson, none-the-less, will be there, hosting a pop up kitchen using farm produce. We will be serving the usual finest 'Island Roasted' Coffee, plus teas.
If you are interested in attending (the weather looks fine), email

Celebrations in Cowes

It's been a bit of a day in Cowes. . . Royals, Kings (only the nice ones), White trousers and blazers, Hats, Red trousers, Local Pomp, Cheering and Hip hip hooraying. I think it is the Royal Yacht Squadron's 200 Birthday party, so there are lots of nice yachts. The King of Denmark, who went shopping locally (by all accounts), has the best boat.